LOPGAS Trading has assembled an organisation comprising five business and corporate groups, which report to the Office of the CEO which is supported Advisers. Each Department plays a strategic role in creating value for LOPGAS Trading and its stakeholders.

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Strategic Studies Department

The petrochemical industry is a large and complex industry that contributes heavily in the economy of many Middle-Eastern countries. It is an industry that needs strategies for different aspects of planning and production. Our Strategic Studies Department develops effective use of resources for a strong competitive position in the market. It reflects the goals of the industry and enables the manufacturing function to contribute to the long-term competitiveness of LOPGAS Trading.

Communication and International Affairs Department

Communication plays an important part in building and maintaining the reputation of LOPGAS Trading through effective communication to the public and to external and internal stakeholders.

Marketing and Sales Departments, organised by products

  • Marketing and sales of Polymer products
  • Marketing and sales of Chemical products
  • Marketing and sales of liquefied gas, feedstock and fertilizers
  • Marketing and sales of aromatic products
  • Marketing and sales of oil products and oil derivatives
  • Marketing and sales of equipment, raw materials and spare parts

Comprehensive Planning Department

Innovative Businesses Department