LOPGAS Trading offers competitive offers across the oil, gas, and petrochemical markets. LOPGAS Trading has been advising clients for over 20 years and has created effective risk management strategies to suit all market conditions. All strategies are bespoke and designed to fit the needs and sensitivities of each individual company . The LOPGAS team have acted and continue to act as advisers to the senior management of a number of European and Asian companies who are eager to work with companies in the Far East, Middle East, and Africa.

We have access to research on both physical and financial fronts in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical products traded in all major international markets. These include daily European market reports, Asian market reports, global refining outlook, market movements & opportunities, technical analysis & turning points, regular presentations at related conferences and exhibitions, regular updates on supply/demand balances & market forecasts.

The petrochemical market for LOPGAS trading is vast and a large array of companies have worked with us and secured deals.

These include but are not limited to LPG, Heavy End, Rafinate, Mixed Xylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, VCM, MEG, DEG,
Styrene Monomer, Caustic Soda, Benzene, MPG, Naphta, PET, 1-3-Butadiene, PX, LLDPE, HDPE, PTA, among others, for named destinations in China, India, Africa, UAE, Turkey, Argentina, and Europe.