Supply Chain and Logistics

Logistics is at the core of the business; shipping petrochemicals, feed stocks and raw materials to where customers need. For oil, this means shipping crude in large tankers to refineries, and then shipping the refined product to where it is consumed.

In petrochemicals serving different logistic choices for shipping requirements of our partners. LOPGAS Trading based on its profession and in view of the believed policy of facilitating business procedures, is supposed to afford many key services beside core business activities to customers & partners, which is including shipping and logistic amenities.

LOPGAS constantly strives to enhance its expertise to become an active supply chain partner and a key member of an integrated logistics network in Europe and Asia. LOPGAS offers bespoke solutions to its clients, constantly adapting to their changing needs. Drawing for our in-depth and thorough understanding of the Oil and Gas industries, and our push for improvement, we offer custom solutions with high added value which benefits our clients and fully meets their demands.

We are able to provide complex supply chain management solutions to all suppliers and producers to fully match the needs of our clients in both import and export. Owing to the innovation of our logistics team, we are able to provide integrated service offers at the best possible price for our customers which fulfil the modern day logistics requirements. Our commitment to our customers means that we manage the shipments with end-to-end guarantee on all operations, with the ability to offer proactive solutions and advice.

Anywhere is within our reach

We provide a global service to our customers by working with leading carriers and logistics experts, and using an integrated network of agents and partners. We are able to offer complete deep-sea shipping service to all our customers. With the help of our partners and agents, we fully account for all operational and administrative activities to ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery of freights.

We are able to offer the most competitive rates to our clients by our constant monitoring of international freight rates and shipping times. Our partners can provide full cargo routing solutions, advice on cargo stowage, solutions for heavy cargo, and route surveys for complex transits.

Our experienced team will guide clients on CFR/CIF delivery by ensuring a timely and secured movement of the cargo up to the final arrival at the discharge port.

The following companies are some of the firms who have successfully cooperated with LOPGAS to fulfil the supply chain and logistics requirements for the sale of the products mentioned above:

The services we get from the above companies are as follows:

  • Hiring tanks and storage at European ports (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Liverpool, Spain)
  • Cooperation and investment in building Tank Farms or cooperation in terminals and storage tanks at strategic destinations
  • Purchase or lease of gas carrier ships and VLGC
  • Bunkering, offshore and onshore
  • Ship to ship transfer of products
  • Founding oiltanking companies and establishing new storage and tanker companies