About us

LONDON OIL PETROCHEMICAL GAS TRADING LTD (LOPGAS Trading) is the answer to an increasing demand for petrochemical supply in Europe. LOPGAS Trading offer customers the highest quality of products at reasonable prices.

Our mission is to be the leader in introducing high quality petrochemical products to the market. We are developing strong relationships with key customers so we are always viewed as indispensable partners, rather than just another supplier. We work closely with each customer to recommend product assortment unique for their retail base, appropriate stocking levels and pricing. LOPGAS Trading seek out and work with the manufacturers we represent to deliver the best quality and innovative products to the customers we serve.

LOPGAS Trading employ strict financial controls to ensure profitability and secure daily and monthly business planning in order to assure smooth management and development. We implement reliable administration that is ready to serve customers, prepare accurate billing, follow-up on orders and other documentation, and maintain a close watch on expenses and collection of accounts receivable. The right management team is always secured, with strong foundations in marketing, management, finance, and product development. 

Our Commitment

There are rules and regulations used in how we operate and manage our business. At LOPGAS Trading we are committed to being responsible towards our client’s needs, while maintaining global benefit of humanity. Our commitment to the environment, quality of products, and provided safety of our services is part of what we consider to be of great significance.


Our quality management plan is provided by the inspector services used to ensure matching of specifications and quality of products being shipped, to the contract requirements of the client with our company.

Hence, having made a commitment to our client’s expectations, our traded supplies consist of the highest standards of quality. The overall quality concept is a rule followed by us in order to raise customer satisfaction at all time.


The serious challenges of our eco-system are well recognized and LOPGAS Trading is devoted to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

In accordance to our work ethics, caring for our surroundings and the environment is a given that must be recognized by all humanity. Dramatic measures are taken into consideration for waste handling which is required to reduce contamination of the environment. Our environmental solution is based on protection against pollution in all elements of air, water, and soil.


Annually maximise growth, both in profit and corporation size.

Meet or exceed quality standard of products in order to ensure high standards of business ethics.

Be competitive in the market with respect to quality and price.

Fulfil our responsibility to our customers while achieving safety and wellness of the environment.


Achieve operational excellence through building closely bonded alliances.

Become locally and globally recognised as a leading supplier of oil and petrochemical products in the trades sector.

Meet world class performance year after year.

Become highly practical in our management and trustworthy with our clients.

At LOPGAS Trading we shall make sure that your product reaches the right buyers at the right place. We take pleasure and pride in working and satisfying our world renowned clients around the clock around the globe.

We must be focused and work hard to create acceptance for ourselves and our products within the marketplace. The key to our success is to provide value to customers with the high quality, most innovative product and develop strong relationships with distributors, anticipating their needs.

Based on access to manufacturers and distribution channels, our key to success is to secure reliable and timely deliveries. 

At LOPGAS Trading one thing is clear: all parties need to receive mutual benefit from the relationship. This is an important dynamic to understand since, in the long run, a healthy vendor and supplier relationship will be a competitive advantage.

The foundation for these relationships in London Oil Petrochemical Gas Trading includes the following:

  1. Respect: Relationships are built on mutual respect.
  2. Trust: Building trust provides the cornerstone of our vendor or supplier relationship.

Trust is a two way street that must be cultivated at all times.

  1. Mutual Benefit: Relationships need to provide benefits to both parties. 
  2. Fairness and Honesty: Fair and honest partners will always win out in the long run.